7 Reasons Why Customer Reviews are Important

When you run a business, your ultimate aim is to attract as many customers as possible. This is where promotional strategies come in. Lots of businesses invest thousands of dollars in ads and other marketing campaigns in order to attract their potential and existing customers. However, they fail to realize that nothing works better than a good review.

Customer reviews are important in establishing the reputation of your business and building trust with potential customers.

Let’s take a look at what makes customer reviews so important and how you should use them to reach your business goals.

1. Improve Customer Service by Understanding your Customers


Customer reviews can be a useful tool when it comes to understanding your customers. When you read what your customers have to say, you’ll be able to quickly and efficiently resolve issues, which will ultimately lead to a positive consumer experience.

They are a great source of information on customer satisfaction. Customer reviews can be studied to find out why customers may have been dissatisfied and what problems they encountered.

By analyzing reviews left by your customers, you will be able to better understand overall customer satisfaction. Once you’ve gathered this information from customers you can use it as a framework in which to improve customer service.

2. Build your credibility and social proof

Review sites, in fact, their growing number and increasing visibility, should not be left aside by your company if you want to promote your business. And that is because many customers depend on them for making purchase decisions. Especially in competitive markets, it is critical to get into this kind of marketing activity.

3. Compete with experience to save margins

Reviews help startups compete on an even playing field with more seasoned competitors, raising the bar for what consumers expect from both. Consider it in this light… If you were to make a purchase, would you prefer to deal with a business that had 50 three-star evaluations or five five-star ones? Voila! The conversation has suddenly shifted away from the price and discount.

4. Giving your consumers the platform to establish loyalty


If you are trying to foster loyalty among buyers in a competitive market, you must give them a platform where they can express their opinions. This is the way we find out what problems your competitors are solving and how you can improve on past mistakes.

Customers who take the initiative to write a review of your company online are more likely to consider you a trusted resource and return for future purchases. Reviewing your company’s products or services and developing a rapport with its customers gives those customers a sense of agency and helps them feel like their opinions matter, even when they’re just typing them out on a computer, phone, or tablet screen.

5. Improve your website rank in the search engines


Reviews appear to be one of the most prominent ranking factors in local search. It helps businesses rank well, even if they have low-quality link profiles. That’s why it’s not surprising that most local businesses that boom has a well-established customer review page on Google+ or Yelp.

Local showed that 85% of businesses with one review on Google were found in the first page of search results for their target keyword, while 70% of low-quality businesses with over ten reviews were able to dominate local search results even if they had relatively few citations.

6. Letting your customers advertise for you for free

Free marketing for your business is priceless, or it could be worth a lot of money. Many companies are trying to figure out ways to attract customers and build sales. A simple way to generate a great deal of attention is through genuine positive online reviews from satisfied customers. That’s because positive reviews give you free exposure while creating an image that will stick in the mind of potential new customers.

7. Reviews generate more reviews

When a brand has online reviews, it stimulates more input. Just seeing a few reviews appears to be enough to encourage and inspire new consumers to write their own.

Reviews are a great way for your customers to share their opinion about your business. When others see that a business has already received feedback, it encourages them to leave their own. Customers want to know what other people think, especially since they can’t try something themselves before buying it.

Customer Reviews are a marketing strategy that never gets old.


It’s here to stay! They are just as important today as they ever were and will be for years to come. Since the invention of online business, customer reviews have had an enormous impact on online purchasing. In fact, not many people are willing to purchase goods or services online before reading what other customers think about them. Reviews influence a buyer’s decision greatly, and most of them determine their buying decisions by checking out the product or service review section.

The longer you wait to encourage online customer feedback, the more you’ll lose. Online customer reviews seem to be a good way to increase purchases. Customer reviews are highly important since they assist most customers and boost your search engine results. As customer reviews gain prominence and more rivals encourage them, your engagement will grow.

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