Algorithm in 2022: How to Get Your Content Seen on Instagram

Learning how to get your Instagram content seen by followers is an art. 


You might experiment with different Instagram posts, but in the end, you are still guessing what makes your content get traction. That’s where algorithms come in. The Instagram algorithm determines which content makes it to your feed and stays there.

It’s been a number of weeks since Instagram launched its latest algorithm change and it has taken some time to wrap my head around the new changes and how they might affect our lives as digital marketers.

There are a few questions floating around out there right now trying to figure out how to get your content seen on Instagram — so here is what we all should be considering: 

  1. How will the new algorithm affect me? 
  2. What factors are affecting my posts’ visibility?
  3. What do we need to stay on top of the content game?
  4. What are others doing and how does it work for them?

As I mentioned above, we have a pretty good idea of what’s happening under the hood. The algorithm update includes several factors — from engagement rate to posting frequency. It also introduces an entirely new concept: the local rank factor. It’s worth noting that these factors aren’t really anything new or special, but rather just ways for Instagram to better understand who is relevant and what artworks people love. 

Let’s talk about content and how it’s affected by the 2022 Algorithm


So… you’ve just curated the perfect Instagram post! 

But wait on, you still have some work to do because you’ll need to satisfy the all-powerful (and constantly changing) Instagram algorithm if you want your material to actually be seen by a large audience.

An effective social media marketing plan requires an understanding of the 2022 Instagram algorithm and what it considers valuable or significant. We go through the specifics of the ranking signals used by the algorithm, significant recent updates to the Instagram algorithm, and everything else you need to know to increase the exposure of your content on the platform.

The Instagram algorithm examines the content of the accounts you follow for your feed and Stories and determines how likely you are to engage with a post using the following factors:

  1. Overview of the post: How many likes did a post get? When was the post made? Does it have a location tag? How long is the video, if there is one? These signals assist the Instagram algorithm in determining a post’s relevancy and popularity.
  1. Information about your page (and your previous interactions with other users): Instagram keeps note of the number of times you’ve engaged with a certain individual (through comments, likes, profile views, etc.) in order to gauge that person’s potential appeal to you.
  1. Your activities across the platform: Instagram determines the kind of posts you may be interested in based on the number and substance of the posts you have engaged with.

Tips on how to work with the new version of the Algorithm

This list of variables may seem lengthy or difficult at first glance… However, the algorithm ultimately rewards excellent, engaging content. Therefore, the greatest method to gain a small Insta-boost is to just do what you would normally do to amuse, educate, and enlighten your audience.

Here’s how to expand your audience and maximize the effectiveness of Instagram’s most recent algorithm.

Respect the community guidelines


To help your Instagram reach its full potential, be sure you’re familiar with the app’s Community Guidelines and understand what they mean for your account. Posting information or images that follow these guidelines will go a long way toward maximizing your exposure.

You may have noticed or may have heard from others how their content is less extensively shared but things can be complex underneath which involves providing false information, postings with a political bent, potentially distressing or sensitive material, or even plain low-resolution images.

Although it’s important to be true to your brand and what you believe in, you also have to respect the Instagram community guidelines. If you’re interested in posting photos or videos that are political in nature, think about a way to frame them so that it’s not seen as a divisive message, so stay away from sharing sexual content, violent visuals, and anything illegal.

Play around with reels

Embrace the chance for exposure by including Reels in your editorial schedule. It’s been a while since Instagram launched this not-so-newest feature, but the platform continues to promote the format, so why miss the opportunity to scale by joining the bandwagon?

You know some pretty basic reel tips such as

  1. Do not reuse watermarked paper TikToks Shoot horizontally
  2. Utilize gimmicks such as filters, camera effects, music, etc.
  3. Keep films brief, pleasant, and above all, entertaining. The system ranks Reels according on their amusement value.

But if you want to know more about the entirely different reel algorithm, head over to our blog > Instagram Reels Algorithm: Everything You Need to Know 

Post Scheduling: Targeting your niche’s peak hours on Instagram

Audience engagement is a crucial indicator across the board on Instagram, so uploading your content at the optimal moment will have a significant impact on your organic reach.

But there’s no “one size fits all” in terms of determining the best time to post!


Unless we all have the same target market, no?

In that case, the optimal time to publish on Instagram depends on your target audience.

So ask yourself:

  1. Who is your target audience? WHERE are they from?
  2. The next step is to determine their behaviour: Are they parents? Millennials? Or Gen Z? Do they work full-time?

Understand that everyone has varying internet activity patterns and schedules, and we all need to observe our own specific target market.

Go back to your main target audience and determine their time zone. Does it make sense to base your publishing schedule on your timezone alone when you’re thousands of miles away from your target audience and their timezone differs from yours?

This is pretty basic, knowing your audience’s peak hours to match your posting schedule requires a SOLID UNDERSTANDING of your target audience.

Don’t take your eyes off your engagement


It’s a question asked often in marketing land: is engagement truly important when it comes to the algorithm? Does Instagram care about engagement?

Engagement is a key element in growing your business on Instagram. While keeping your business page and pictures up to date is absolutely essential, developing a community genuinely interested in what you have to offer is just as crucial.

Not getting enough engagement you’re looking for?

Sometimes applying stickers on your Instagram stories is typically the easiest solution. This way, you’re directly soliciting feedback from your audience viewing your stories by using question stickers, emoji sliders, and polls.

The same thing works on your static posts or even reels: asking questions or inviting opinions in the caption (or inside the picture or video itself) is another great approach to kick up a discussion on a post. CTAs will help you go through this!

After all, comments are the best way to show the algorithm that people are interested (though a like, share, or save won’t hurt), so encourage your audience to speak up whenever you can.

Play the hashtag game on Insta!

image 2
Later’s Hashtag Breakdown

They say selling is easy – if it’s set on the right eyes!

The same thing works on Instagram. Not delivering your content to the right audience is just speaking on a huge stage with no crowd in front of you which is ridiculous!

Unfortunately, the Instagram algorithm cannot understand and appreciate your best-designed graphics and excellent videography skills but it sure can understand #realestate or #skincaretips and any other hashtags that will help narrow down your niche and target audience to the most specific ones.

But why and what hashtags should you use, anyway?

Using accurate and informative hashtags is a terrific approach to tagging your content for the widest possible audience. Your picture or article will be shared more readily with those who are interested in that specific subject if the algorithm can precisely determine what it is about.

Additionally, hashtags are cost-free, in contrast to Instagram advertisements (the alternate method of reaching beyond your current audience).

But don’t just simply slap #vibes and #love on everything if you want to utilize hashtags properly. Instead, explore your specialty, research, and utilize hashtags that accurately reflect the subject of your article.

Be consistent!

image 3

There are many reasons to post consistently on Instagram: to help grow your business through trust and credibility, to get more followers, and to show clients you work hard and care about the work you do. However, visually getting everything together is a good bit of work. The fact that you may be tired or really busy can always feel like an excuse not to put anything out into the world.

But let’s be honest!

Being an active member of the Instagram community isn’t all sunshine, rainbows and dogs. It’s tough work — especially in the beginning. But if you’re willing to put in the time, effort and commitment, I promise the results will definitely be worth it!

Monitor and understand your Instagram analytics

The only way to find out if it works for your business is by keeping a close eye on the metrics.

By now, you’re familiar with the four core Instagram metrics: Engagement Rate, Reach, Impressions, and Follower Growth Rate. These metrics help measure your performance on a daily basis.

Instagram analytics can help you better understand your audience and determine the kind of content your audiences are and will be interested in with its basic metrics. However, if you’re amazing to go beyond vanity metrics, you will need a third-party tool for that.

Hopefully, this article has helped you understand the general Instagram algorithm and how you can use these tips to your advantage in the future. 

Even if you’re not selling a product, the correlation between posts and sales remains. The more successful your posts become, the better your reach will be. And by using some of the tactics we’ve mentioned, you can increase the success of your videos and pictures. So, keep pushing those boundaries on Instagram, but don’t forget to take advantage of what it has to offer!

No matter your skill level when you’re starting out, keep experimenting, keep learning, and testing. There is no right answer to how to get your content seen by followers. Only one thing’s for sure: the more you experiment, the more you learn. And learning is the greatest asset you have as a marketer.

Stay on top of the marketing game for your business!

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